Units and Buildings

Rawhide Frontier, has numerous units and buildings that you can create throughout gameplay. Each buliding allows you to create different units, and each unit has a special purpose on the battlefield.

Below is a comprehensive list of all units and bulidings in Rawhide Frontier; each is accompanied by a brief description.



Just like any in any other RTS, this unit is the combined "building producer" and resource collector. To repair bulidings (or harvest gold from a Gold Mine) first click one of these units, and then right-click on the unit you want to repair (or the mine you want to start digging into. Create these units at any bank.


Lawmen are the the grunts of your Wild West army. Their short-distance pistol fire is effective en-masse, and should provide the lion's share of your fire. These units are relatively in-expensive and should be deployed in large numbers for optimal effectiveness.


Shrewd and hardened toward cold-blood murder, these criminal units may be constructed at the jail, and are the long-distance riflemen in your army. Take care when handling these units, as they tend to react slowly to orders and may require extra time to deploy.


This is your heavy artillary. Cannons to more damage than any other unit in Rawhide Frontier, and they even do "splash damage"--damage that also affects all other enemy units adjacent to their target. Cannons are expensive, but may be constructed at the Blacksmith.


Townsfolk are automatically created by hotels. You cannot command these units, but they represent a single "food" unit in your population. As you create additional units (like lawmen, peasants, or outlaws, etc.) your townsfolk will be converted into that unit. You cannot create any additional units unless you have at least one Townsfolk



The "hotel" automatically generates up to four townsfolk units, which can then be converted into other, military or labor units. The creation of additional hotels is vital for the expansion and survival of any frontier town.


Only the badest, cruelest thugs in the desert hang in this joint. The jail can be used to create both Lawmen and Outlaw units-- but make sure you have enough Townsfolk (created by the Hotel building) to keep bulding new military units.


The Blacksmith is there to fulfill all your heavy-metal needs. Use this buliding to create Cannon units: the most powerful in the game.


The serves two roles in Rawhide fronter. First, it is where you create additional peasants to harvest gold and create additional buildings. Second, it is the drop-off station for all gold that you harvest. A cautious player would take care to always have enough gold on hand to create a second Bank...just in case the first one is destroyed.

Gold Mine

Though the Gold Mine is technically not a building, it has many of the same properties: it can be destroyed, and it can be used by players to generate neceessary resources. First click any peasant unit that you have, and then right click the Gold Mine. Then just sit back and relax while your peasants start stripping gold from the mine and shippping it off to the nearest bank!