Frontier Graphics

This page is the current "dumping grounds" for concept art, 3-d models and other graphical images that either currently are in, or will be in the final version of, Rawhide Frontier. As game development continues, more images will be added, and older ones will be replaced.


The Lawman is basic fighting unit in Rawhide Frontier. Similar to Terran Marines in Starcraft, it is a low cost short-ranged footman.

Walking Animation.
Another WalkingAnimation


The Jail is one of the first buildings available to the player. It the lowest-lever fighting unit: the lawman.


When gold is mined by Townsfolk, it can be dropped off and "stored" at a bank. A bank can be robbed by another player to steal the gold it contains.


The game's current cursor.


A loading screen meant to look somewhat reminiscent of the Grand Canyon.


Another loading screen. Also concept art for Rawhide Frontier's arid environment.


This is the backdrop for the game's Opening Menu.

Reference Pictures:

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